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Shree Sava - Windows (Single/Multi User)

Our product is used in:    Exciseable Units   *    Manufacturers   *    Traders   *    Agencies   *    Shopping Malls   *    Showrooms   *    Hotels   *    Schools   *    Brokers   *    Chartered Accountants

Now update to new Shree Sava Accounting Software logo Windows version featuring:

  • Compatible with all windows operating systems i.e. Xp, Vista, Windows7, etc.

    As fast the world of computers grows new operating systems are launched like Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc. These new operating system does not support old dos base software. New Window base “Shree Sava” is compatible with all new Windows operating systems.
  • Easy Conversion of dos base “Shree Sava” data to Window base “Shree Sava”.

    If you are using “Shree Sava”’s dos base version of “Shree Sava” all the data is easily convertible to New Window base “Shree Sava”, so you do not have to re-enter any data. All your past financial year’s data is easily converted in new version.
  • Fast performance of new Window base “Shree Sava”.

    New Window base “Shree Sava” is gives you very fast performance & faster reports genera ration in comparison to any dos base or window base accounting software.
  • Easy operating and Easy menu systems.

    New Window base “Shree Sava” has your old familiar, state of art and easy to use menu system which gives you advantage of new window base system as well as ease of use. This means that you do not have to re learn entire software again if you are using dos base version of “Shree Sava”.
  • Good and clean visibility and graphical user interface.

    Menu system and usages of different fonts and colors in New Window base “Shree Sava” is as such that it gives you clear visibility, enlarged fonts & menu system. “Shree Sava” window base uses higher resolution of you LCD screens and screen area to maximum potential as compared to any other window base software.
  • Online graph facility in ledgers & registers.

    New “Shree Sava” Window base software provides you with Online Graph facility in Ledgers and Registers like sales, purchase registers etc.
  • Supports both Dot matrix & Laser Printers (both Parallel & USB Printers).

    “Shree Sava” Window base provides you support for both Dot matrix & Laser Printers (both Parallel & USB Printers). On Dot matrix printers attached to parallel port it provides Hi-Speed dos base prints and on laser printers it provides Graphical enriched printouts.
  • New graphical report output for invoice & other user reports.

    “Shree Sava” Window base provides you with graphical report output for user reports this means that Graphical logo of you company or entire latter head of your company can be added to reports like invoice, order, challan, receipt, etc. and it also provides you with graphical design of reports and font selection facility in user reports. It also supports pre-printed stationary & latter head.
  • Report export facility to PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, etc.

    All the reports generated form “Shree Sava” Window base software have the facility to export them to other popular formats such as PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Email facility.

    Now you can directly send any reports through email from “Shree Sava” Window base as it has the integrated facility of email via Outlook.
  • Smart backup system.

    “Shree Sava” Window base has a smart backup system the provides you the facility to take backup on any location in a media such as USB drives, HDD drives, Network locations, etc. and it creates restore points of different days of the week and of different months, so that you can easily go back to any restore point and secure you data.
  • Multiple users & Customized user rights facility.

    “Shree Sava” Window base comes with customizable Multiple users-rights facility which provides you with ability to add any number of user to your company’s Accounts and assign them customized rights. You can create user in different categories like supervisor, users, and data entry operators and customize their rights, password etc.
  • Serial Number/Batch Number tracking facility.

    “Shree Sava” Window base comes with unique serial Number or Batch Number tracking facility which you can enable for chosen items and get the item ledger with serial Number tracking.
  • Fast & useful search options in Party Ledgers & Item Ledgers.

    “Shree Sava” Window base includes the optimum search facility for Party Ledgers and Item Ledgers. It also has the facility to copy Item Ledger or Party Ledger.
  • Party wise - Item wise Price List

    “Shree Sava” Window base allows you to maintain Item price list by different party wise. It also gives you facility to enter group wise price list, effective by different date ranges.
  • New Summary Reports - Monthly, Sale & Purchase Head wise details

    “Shree Sava” Window base gives you Monthly, Sales-Purchase Head wise detailed summary for the ease of your VAT, Excise & other duties calculations.
  • SMS Facility

    “Shree Sava” Window base you can send automatic SMS after Sale, Rcpt, Challan entry. Also you can send SMS for outstanding reminder.
  • Online Cheque Printing.

    “Shree Sava” Window base provides you with online cheque printing facility on your laser printer directly from payment entry you have made.
  • Our product can be used in:

    Exciseable Units
    Shopping Malls
    Chartered Accountants

And as such many more features to facilitate you with the new technology like online SMS*, Data-Export-Import* to other software, Product Barcode Label*, etc. are available for upgrade.

*(add on facility)

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