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  • shree sava accounting software

    Shree Sava - Accounting Software

    Complete Accounting Software

    For Accounting, Invoicing & Stock.

    Useful for all types of Industries, Accountants, Traders, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Hotels, Agencies, Manufacturing Units, Excisable Units, etc.

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    Shree Sava - Accounting Software

    Barcode Solution for Supermarkets.

    accounting for supermarket  accounting with barcode

    Barcode facility for Supermarkets & Shopping Malls.

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    Shree Sava - Accounting Software

    Solutions for Excise Trading Business & Excise Manufacturing.

    accounting for excise

    Suitable for Excise, Vat, CST, Service Tax, TDS.

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    Shree Sava - Accounting Software

    Solutions for Restaurants & Food Chains.

    accounting for restaurants  accounting for food chains

    Facility of KOT & Billing for Restaurants & Food Chains.

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Shree Sava Accounting Software

Shree Sava - Accounting Software

Software for Accounting, Invoicing & Stock

A generalized accounting software with great flexibility to suit your requirement with utmost simplicity has made Shree Sava a perfect choice for day to day accounting, invoicing & stock management. A very popular product in Saurashtra region which has blend of Traditional & Modern accounting system.

It is very much useful among SMB segment of Industries & Trading.

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Shree Sava is available at very reasonable cost. A value for money solution in following options.

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about the company

C-Point started Operations in the year 1994. At C-Point we believe in quality product and quality service. From beginning our focus is to develop such product which can give real solutions with simplicity as well as traditional style of reporting for accounting.

Real life solutions with simplicity to everyday transactions of business process.

Keep up the good work!

Shree Sava is today, Gujarat's leading accounting Software product. Shree Sava is very popular among all type of business enterprises for their day to day billing, stock and accounting requirements. It has very powerful flexible user defined entry system which can satisfy any type of customized billing.

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